Lake Forest, IL, February 10, 2015 – Prestone Products Corporation, a leading manufacturer of antifreeze/coolant, cooling-system products and other performance chemicals for the North American vehicle market, is proud to announce it will be showcasing its new complete solution of Prestone Command®products at the American Trucking Association’s 2015 Technology & Maintenance Council’s (TMC) Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition at the Music City Center in Nashville, TN. Stop by Booth 1104 to see the new Prestone Command product line and to meet some of Prestone’s top coolant experts from February 16-19.

Heavy duty coolant authority Colin Dilley, Ph.D, Vice President of Technology for Prestone Products Corporation, and Peter Woyciesjes, Ph.D, Worldwide RD&E Manager, Coolants, will be on hand during the event to answer questions at the Prestone Command booth.

“We are excited to be returning to the Annual TMC Meeting and Expo. This has been an important event for Prestone Command and we are anxious to feature our new complete solution of heavy duty antifreeze/coolant products,” said Mike Henning, Prestone Marketing Manager, Heavy Duty. “Reliable antifreeze/coolant products are critical for heavy duty maintenance and we feel the newest additions to the Prestone Command line make us the go-to source for heavy duty under-the-hood care.”

The newest Prestone Command products being featured as part of the complete solution at Booth No. 1104 will include Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCA) and Extender Liquid Coolant Additive Corrosion Inhibitors, Test Strips and Refractometer, and Nitrite-Free Extended Life Organic Acid Technology (OAT) Antifreeze/Coolant.

Prestone Command’s complete solution includes the award-winning Extended Life and Extended Serviceantifreeze/coolant formulations. Prestone Command products uphold the guidelines defined by the TMC’s Recommended Practices. By meeting the TMC guidelines, Prestone products will provide vital protection to heavy duty engines “Anywhere. Anytime. Any Engine.”

The Prestone Command line of products is specifically designed to help keep heavy duty vehicles worry-free and operating at the optimum level. For more on Prestone Command products, please visit

Headquartered in Lake Forest, Ill., Prestone is the number one branded consumer choice for Antifreeze/Coolant in North America. Prestone manufactures and markets antifreeze/coolant, brake and power steering fluid, and other leading vehicle maintenance products. Prestone antifreeze/coolant has protected vehicle cooling systems since 1927. Prestone Command® Heavy Duty products deliver value by keeping Heavy Duty truck engines in optimal condition in the most demanding heavy-duty on-road and off-road applications. You can find more at

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Mike Henning
Marketing Manager, Heavy Duty