Prestone Command® Heavy Duty Extended Service Interval Concentrate and 50/50 have advanced corrosion protection technology. The SCA pre-charged, extended service interval (ESI) technology product is compatible with ANY conventional heavy duty coolant and ALL filter technologies. Prestone Command® Heavy Duty Extended Service Interval Antifreeze/Coolant can be used with ANY conventional antifreeze/coolant in ANY heavy duty engine used in normal to severe duty cycles and extreme temperature conditions. These products will provide protection against freezing, overheating, cavitation erosion, corrosion, and scale & foaming without the need of adding SCAs on the initial fill and maintain extended service protection when added to any Heavy Duty ESI antifreeze/coolant.

Concentrate Safety Data Sheet

Ready To Use Safety Data Sheet


When used as directed, Prestone Command® Heavy Duty Extended Service Interval formulation provides long-lasting inhibition and corrosion protection. For additional product specifications, please reference our product data sheets.

General Description

CompositionTypical Values
Ethylene Glycol and Inhibitors:
50 vol %51%
50 vol %49%
Pack/UnitJug / Drum / Tote
Average Fluid Weight/Unitat 68°F (20°C):
Concentrate9.3 lb (4.2 kg) / gal (3.78 L)
50 vol %8.9 lb (4.0 kg) / gal (3.78 L)
OEM Approvals/Registrations:
This product meets Cummins® Eng. Std. CES14439
Detroit Diesel 93K217
Meets or Exceeds OEM Performance Requirements:
Cummins CES 90T8-4 Kenworth R026-170-97
Detroit Diesel 7SE298 Peterbilt 8502.002
Navistar CEMS B-1 Type II John Deere H24
Mack 014617004 John Deere H24 A1
Freightliner 48-25961 John Deere JDS-G135
Freightliner 48-25878 John Deere 8650-5
Freightliner 48-22880
Features & Benefits
  • Formulated for Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Compatible with any IAT coolant
  • Nitrited, pre-charged with supplemental coolant additives
  • Extended service interval; fully formulated to provide engine protection
  • Stabilized, low silicate (no phosphates) formula helps reduce deposits & reduce hard water scale buildup
  • Requires monitoring & maintaining additive levels
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